Professional Web Design and Development

Web Design

Fast-loading sites with clean layouts, built with web standards compliance, cross-browser standards, and usability in mind. Our designs ensure that your visitors can quickly find the information they need.

Web Programming

Our IT professionals specialize in building CMS-based and other kinds of dynamic web sites with backends driven via popular, widely used databases such as MySQL, Firebird, and MS SQL Server, using PHP or Python as the scripting language. We also have extensive knowledge in client-side programming using Javascript, W3C DOM DHTML, XHTML and XML (including XSLT and XPath).

Flash Development

We can handle all kinds of flash-related requirements, from catchy flash slideshows for visual presentations to complex Flash-based games and wizards. We have also had experience in developing Flash apps specifically for Facebook, bearing in mind Facebook's special properties.

Search Engine Optimization

Attract more potential targeted customers and generate business leads. We offer cost-efficient, guaranteed SEO services that eliminate the need to worry about how to make your web site attract more visitors and potential customers. Pay for results, not promises.

Internet Marketing

Create a buzz for your products and services through digital advertising. We can run Google or Facebook ad campaigns, Twitter marketing stints, and other social media marketing strategies.

Content Writing

We create fresh, persuasive, and professional web content to increase website popularity and enhance search engine positioning (SEO Copywriting).

Website Translation to Asian Languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese)

All eyes are still on Asia as it continues to grow and develop. Some of the major competitive Asian countries are still more comfortable with their native language rather than English. If you wish to tap into this very large and viable market, then you need someone to translate your website. By doing so, you gain the upperhand among your English-only competitor websites.

The three main Asian languages we translate from English to are Korean Hangul (via Lexcode), Chinese, and Japanese.

Web Hosting

We offer a full range of web hosting packages, suitable for websites of all sizes - from company profile websites to large-scale data-driven sites.

Our Clients

Our clients have come from all parts of the world - from Norway to United States. They are primarily small to business companies from different industries. A bulk of our clients come from the outsourcing industry, such as offshore IT recruitment agencies, web development firms, and call centers.

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